Tuesday, April 6, 2010



Monday, April 5, 2010

kim kardashian inspired hair and make up!

i am uploading a video on the make up i am wearing in these pictures. Also, i am editing a hair tutorial on the hairstyle. this is all kim kardashian inspired, i suppose. the look came together great with the outfit i wore on saturday which i did an OOTD video on. it'll all be on my youtube if you are interested :D
hope you guys enjoy <3

Saturday, April 3, 2010

decisions decisions

so i purchased the SOLIA flat iron on thursday. cannot wait for it to come in! i miss straightening my hair.
today my boyfriend and i are going out to dinner in Burbank because it is our 7 months. [technically it's tomorrow but we can't really celebrate it on easter]
and i have to do my hair, since i have while jungle curly hair. i'm going to straighten it then curl it. i usually curl with a flat iron but since its broken and now yanks at my hair, i'm just going to straighten my hair with it. i will settle for the cheap little curling iron i have.
i haven't decided how i want to to my make up. BUT I WILL DO A TUTORIAL ON THE HAIR AND MAKE UP. and possibly and OUTFIT OF THE NIGHT
i've been looking online for some ideas, and i came across some very great looks that were on kim kardashian, megan fox, and taylorswift. i haven't decided which one i want to go with.
not sure if i want dramatic eyes and soft lip, or soft eyes and dramatic lip.

as for an outfit, i will definitely be wearing tights. maybe all black?
i guess i have to rumage through my closet and find something suitable for my taste.
i hardly ever get the chance to get all fancied up so when i go on these dates with my boyfriend, i like to go all out. haha
i will definitely be posting pictures and videos of the finished look.

wish me luck!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

tiny tiny MAC haul

pick up the MAC mineralized blush in Rhapsody in Two.
i had been eyeing it for a while so i finally just got it.
it sort of reminds me of Moonriver, which was a mineralize skin finish? idk but i wanted it but missed out. so i am happy that my MAC counter still had it in stock.


okay so i really really enjoyed doing this blog contest. i learned so many new things! :D

thanks for all the recommendations, you guys are awesome
ok ok, on to the winner :P the winner is amollybarbie@hotmail.com!

i've emailed the winner, and if you didn't win dont worry i WILL DEFINITELY being having a another blog contest in April
give me some prize recommendation :p

okay well hope you guys have a wonderful day!

love, chreee

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hair tutorial?

would you guys be interested in a tutorial on this hairstyle? let me know <3
also, i put a little poll up so you guys can choose which celebrity inspired look i should do next!
cool, right?
yess? kinda? hahah well yeah <3

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


basically just an everyday natural look based on this picture.

hope you guys enjoy <3