Saturday, April 3, 2010

decisions decisions

so i purchased the SOLIA flat iron on thursday. cannot wait for it to come in! i miss straightening my hair.
today my boyfriend and i are going out to dinner in Burbank because it is our 7 months. [technically it's tomorrow but we can't really celebrate it on easter]
and i have to do my hair, since i have while jungle curly hair. i'm going to straighten it then curl it. i usually curl with a flat iron but since its broken and now yanks at my hair, i'm just going to straighten my hair with it. i will settle for the cheap little curling iron i have.
i haven't decided how i want to to my make up. BUT I WILL DO A TUTORIAL ON THE HAIR AND MAKE UP. and possibly and OUTFIT OF THE NIGHT
i've been looking online for some ideas, and i came across some very great looks that were on kim kardashian, megan fox, and taylorswift. i haven't decided which one i want to go with.
not sure if i want dramatic eyes and soft lip, or soft eyes and dramatic lip.

as for an outfit, i will definitely be wearing tights. maybe all black?
i guess i have to rumage through my closet and find something suitable for my taste.
i hardly ever get the chance to get all fancied up so when i go on these dates with my boyfriend, i like to go all out. haha
i will definitely be posting pictures and videos of the finished look.

wish me luck!

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  1. Well happy 7 months! Your outfit was SO cute <3