Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fashion: Eyelet Mesh Trim Dress

saw this dress on the forever21 website and fell in love! it's so cute! i love clothes that have a unique look to them. i love the simplicity of this dress and how you can dress it up or dress it down.
for example, if you wanted to dress it up, you can wear solid sheer or opaque tights. OR lace tights (which i love and own). with some heels. i would go with an ankle bootie heel. and if its cold out, a leather jacket on top.

haha i'm getting excited. hope you guys enjoyed my little rant about my love for this dress :D


  1. Ooh super cute! I love the style.

  2. this is super cute!Shame they dont have forever 21 over here in the UK!cute blog .. gonna follow ... love it if you followed mine xxx