Sunday, March 21, 2010

my flat iron broke :[

so last night after i got home from the movie theater (watched She's Out Of My League), my boyfriend and little brother both got REALLY sick. So as i was taking care of my little brother, i heard a loud crash or something. when i finally get my brother to bed, i go to my room and see that it was my flat iron that fell and crashed into the metal rail of my bed. My boyfriend's dog and tripped over the wire.
i was so sad! i loved that flat iron! it was a pink ISO turbo, i got it at the mall when i was 17 for 100$. The lady told me it had a lifetime warranty, buuuuuuuut she lied because the papers inside said it was only 1 year warranty. so basically i'm flat iron-less. and i have REALLY long, curly hair. and i have A LOT of hair.
so now i'm deciding what flat iron i should buy on i was thinking about getting a CHI because everyone seems to love it and it's only $69.95 on the website. What do you guys suggest?
do you think the CHI is good? or the Solia? i'm torn. i've heard so many things about the CHI, and $69 seems like a great price for a flat iron with such a GREAT reputation.
oh and i want something that will curl my hair too. i loved curling, and waving my hair with my ISO. Let me know what you guys think!
thanks! :D

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